Hard Anodized Cookware Care & Use

Before first use:
  • Wash in hot, soapy water, rinse and dry.
Cooking With EMERILWARE™ Hard-Anodized:
  • Low to medium heat offers best cooking performance
  • Use high heat only for boiling or reducing liquids
  • Medium to medium-high heat for sautéing, stir frying and frying.
  • Low heat for warming food, simmering, and preparing delicate sauces.
  • Pans are oven safe to 450º. Do not put pans under the broiler.
  • With nonstick cookware, very little or no oils are required. Do not use aerosol cooking sprays in EMERILWARE™ cookware. Sprays leave a gummy residue that is difficult to remove.
  • Use plastic coated or wooden utensils. Do not use metal utensils or sharp instruments or appliances to cut, chop or whip foods. Such use can damage the nonstick finish and void your lifetime warranty.
  • EMERILWARE™ is easily cleaned with warm water and mild dishwashing soap using a sponge, nylon pad or dishcloth. Emeril recommends Soft Scrub® without bleach, Bon Ami® or Bar Keeper's Friend®.
  • Do not use oven cleaners. Do not use steel wool. Do not use harsh detergents or cleansers with chlorine bleach.
  • Like all fine nonstick cookware, EMERILWARE™ Hard-Anodized is not dishwasher safe.
From the date of purchase, All-Clad guarantees to repair or replace any item found defective in material, construction or workmanship under normal use and following care instructions. This excludes damage from misuse or abuse. Minor imperfections and slight color variations are normal.

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